Suffering from a heart problem is scary to hear, isn't it? We do not need to be scared of hearing a heart problem. Instead, we need to be aware of what the heart does for us. What is the occurrence percentage of a heart problem? What are the symptoms and their causes? Who is more susceptible to such problems? All this information can help us handle our heart with care. You will get to know about all this, as you go further down in this article.

The heart is like a pump in our body. It is as small as a fist in size, located slightly left of center in our chest. However, even being small, it does wonders. If the heart does not work perfectly, it can result in many health problems. The heart works all time to ensure that each cell of our body gets blood rich in oxygen and nutrients. It takes back the carbon dioxide and toxins-rich blood from different parts of the body, gives it to the organ that works towards taking them out of the body. Thus, keeps our body fit and fine.

The heart works in synergy with other organs and internal components for its proper functioning. The parts like blood vessels (arteries, veins, and capillaries), blood, and the heart make the cardiovascular system. This system is responsible for proper blood transport throughout the body. This system is also given a term as the circulatory system. Because of this circulation, the body cells receive oxygen and nutrients, cells need oxygen to produce energy. Interestingly, our body has several interdependent systems working perfectly because of oxygen.

Any problem within the internal structure of the heart or associated parts like blood vessels or blood can result in a heart condition that seeks attention. The World health organization (WHO) fact sheet on cardiovascular diseases reports it as a leading cause of death globally. In the year 2019, approximately 18 million people died because of CVDs, which means thirty-two percent of the global deaths. Most of which was due to heart attack and stroke. The WHO report additionally says that such diseases be prevented by addressing them at an early level and managing the signs with help of medical expertise.

In many cases, the causes dealt with proper counseling and behavioral changes. Here in this article, we are providing you with the information, that will help identify if someone is having the signs of a heart problem.

The ten symptoms, which we need to watch out for Heart problems:

  1. Pain in the Chest:

Chest pain has various bases; it can be for some simple reason like a panic attack or can be an indication that a heart attack is nearing. Therefore, instead of worrying about any chest discomfort, we need to understand which kind of pain is serious and which needs immediate medical help.

However, individuals experience the pain differently. Most of the people reporting chest pain due to heart problem experiences miserable pressure in the center of the chest, feeling of pinching, tightness in the chest, fullness, and sometimes discomforting pain in the left arm, upper back, neck, and jaw.  

The reason for such pain is the insufficient supply of blood or oxygen to the heart.

  1. Faster heartbeat:

If you experience increased heartbeat more often, this can be a signal of a heart problem. If the irregular heartbeat lasts for a couple of minutes and makes u feel dizzy or tired, then it should not be ignored.

When the heart cannot pump the blood properly, it works harder. Due to this, we feel stronger and faster at heartbeats.

  1. Shortness of breath:

It is a prominent sign. It happens when the heart is inefficacious in pumping the desired amount of blood, due to which the blood flows back into the veins that connect the lungs to the heart. The backflow leaks fluid into the lungs and causes shortness of breath. This breathing problem can happen even while resting or doing any activity.

  1. Prolonged low blood pressure:

Prolonged low blood pressure is a condition called orthostatic hypotension. Scientific studies found that constant low pressure could be evidence of plaque in the arteries medically called atherosclerosis, which can result in heart failure. This does not mean if your blood pressure drop at times, you are at risk of heart failure. Low blood pressure is of concern, if it is persisting for a long time, then it can cause a risk to the heart.

  1. Weakness or unexplained tiredness:

If you experience extreme fatigue for no known reason, then get it checked by a doctor. This unexplained tiredness can be a sign of a heart problem. The weakness is because of the inadequate supply of oxygenated blood.

  1. Change in skin color (Pallor):

Pallor is the change in the color of the skin. The blockage in the blood vessel can result in blue or purple color on the skin. Blue color appearance on feeling cold and purple on warm indicates that blood is deficit of oxygen. People observe this kind of change in skin color mostly on the toes. The red and purple lines under the nails (medically called Splinter hemorrhage) can also be a sign of a heart problem if one experiences it along with the fever and irregular heartbeat.

  1. Lumps in fingers and toes:

If you notice a lump on the lower side of toes or fingers, it is a sign of a bacterial infection in the heart or blood vessels. These lumps are painful, to be treated by anti-microbial medication. Medically these lumps are termed Osler nodes.

  1. Painless brown patches on palm or sole:

The spots or patches on the palm and sole are painless but indicate an infection in the heart and blood vessel. Medically it is known as Jane way lesions. These spots or patches are not permanent and fades as the infection cures.

  1. Nausea and vomiting:

Nausea and vomiting are not usually alarming a heart trouble. However, it is able to be a signal that a coronary heart assault is set to appear, if it occurs in conjunction with ache in the chest, neck, left arm, jaw, sweating, or shortness of breath. The unbearable pain and anxiety reason nausea. A nerve referred to as the Vagus nerve is answerable for those signs and symptoms, Dr. Michael Fiocco, explains the real mechanism that results in these signs and symptoms pointing to coronary heart trouble in his article. 

  1. Coughing:

'Coughing - a sign of heart failure seems unbelievable, but doctors considers it as an important sign in heart failure. A cough associated with a heart problem is known as cardiac cough. The bloodstains in the sputum, a high pitched whistling sound while breathing; followed by coughing, discomfort in breathing while sleeping due to pulmonary congestion, makes cardiac cough stand different from the usual cough. Cardiac coughing is observed in people who are undergoing heart treatment. This type of cough commonly takes place as a side effect of certain medications utilized in treatment. Consequently, its miles wise to consult a medical doctor in case you are taking a few medications for your coronary heart and having a cough. This cough may not be normal but maybe a cardiac cough, which could result in coronary heart failure.

Wrap up words:

The risk of heart problem increases if you are diabetic, obese, stressed, take an unhealthy diet, consume alcohol, smokes often, and lives a sedentary lifestyle. If we take care of our lifestyle habits and keep a watch on our health, we can be well prepared for any medical situation and can avoid letting the condition get worsen. We can prevent most heart problems by taking proper steps as soon the signs appear. We need to be alert and proactive when experiencing the sign and take medical assistance.

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