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Information technology, or IT, is one of India's most rewarding professions. IT workers satisfy the needs of many industries such as business, education, transportation, and others. In our new digital environment, this technology allows us to be productive.

The biggest challenge an IT professional faces is occupational health concerns. IT employees spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen, monitoring networks, configuring software, and managing technology projects. Visual, musculoskeletal, anxiety, and stress-related problems are the most common occupational health issues that IT professionals confront. The purpose of this information is to emphasize the importance of prioritizing health since healthy and happy individuals are the most productive individuals.

Therefore, for this rapidly growing occupation, it’s increasingly important to use some supplements that promise complete wellness, improve health, and counter occupational hazards. The benefits of physical and mental wellness will result in increased productivity.


Nethika Naturals Has Extended its Hand to be Your HealthCare Partner

Nethika Naturals Pvt. Ltd. is a company founded by visionaries having extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical discipline. The motive of the business establishment was to provide scientifically formulated, effective natural products (dietary supplements/nutraceuticals) for a wide range of health problems. We intend to be a one-stop solution for all your health concerns offering the best effective herbal remedies


Health Care Partner


Nethika Naturals is an organization that empowers its partners to provide excellent healthcare to their employees. Our partnership will benefit you in several ways like -

1. Once a month, free online consultation.

2. Special discount offers for the Siqsess team.

3. Information videos and articles on how to improve your mind and body health.

4. Surprise offers on Special occasions.

5. Free delivery of products.


We at Nethika Naturals strongly advocate the preventative wellness approach. Heart illnesses, respiratory diseases, neurologic disorders, musculoskeletal ailments, diabetes, and malignancies are examples of some non-communicable diseases. Not at all surprising! Many of them are preventable. Obesity, a compromised immune system, an unhealthy lifestyle that includes poor nutrition, lack of sleep, lack of physical activity, smoking or drunkenness, and excessive stress all have a role in making you fall sick. Preventive care can control all of these variables. Taking a proactive attitude to preventative wellness is essential since it ensures your good health and saves you money on medical expenditures.


siqsess Nethika partner


The Global Wellness Institute differentiates the optimal state of well-being and poor health. It says the optimal state of well-being can be achieved by a proactive approach, whereas poor health needs a reactive approach. The reactive attitude works once you are already sick and need medical assistance. As medical care focuses on treating and curing illness, whereas preventative wellness aims to keep you safe from getting ill in the first place by focusing on helping you maintain and improve your health. It is a holistic approach that thrives on your health. It needs to be an integral part of your life and individual responsibility to take necessary steps toward preventive wellness.

Covid -19 has been an alarm bell for all of us. It is high time to realize that we need to move from a curative approach to a preventive attitude if we aim to have good health.

The importance of preventive health in the post-Covid world is highlighted in an article by (Economic Times). Fortis Healthcare's CEO and MD express their concern over India's healthcare policy, stating, "Until recently, India's healthcare sector has been more treatment-focused than preventive care." In India, preventive care should be promoted.

To survive in the current time, one has to take health seriously and opt for preventive healthcare. These ways will help to stay away from the stress and pain that one has to undergo in the advanced stage of any health problem. Our health is in our hands. Let us take a moment and think whether we want to be reactive to our poor health or proactive for our well-being.


Is Your Answer the Same as Mine - Proactive for our Well-being?

Then make sure you follow these things - routine health checkups, immunizations, an active lifestyle, understanding nutritional needs, maintaining a stress-free mental state by practicing yoga, aerobics, counseling, etc.

Acting on the above will benefit by increasing your life span, paying less overtime on health maintenance, living an active life, controlling a health problem getting escalated, and much more.

We can prevent disease by being aware and making conscious choices. Being your health care partner will educate you on how our products can positively influence your goal of preventive wellness.


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