How To Cure Hormonal Imbalance In Females?

The primary goal of this article is to bring attention to women's health care. Hormonal imbalances are the root cause of most women's health concerns. We will look at hormone imbalance, their symptoms, and how to cure hormonal imbalances in females.

From puberty to adolescence, the female reproductive system, and the chemical changes associated with it, cause several changes. Hormones are chemical substances in the body that serve as messengers. Endocrine glands secrete these substances, which are transported throughout the body, and influence various physiological and psychological processes.


What Are Female Reproductive Hormones?

The main female reproductive hormones are estrogen and progesterone. They help to regulate the menstrual cycle, fertility, and pregnancy, and also control the development and maintenance of female sex characteristics. Issues arise when these hormone levels are out of balance.


What Causes Hormonal Imbalances in Women?

Hormone imbalance can be caused by a variety of factors, including -

1. A Poor Diet

Foods that are too spicy, sweet, more trans-fat, or packed affect the hormone.

2. Extensive Exercise

Rigorous exercise can cause disturbance of thyroid function that can delay menarche and lead to irregularity in the menstrual cycle.

3. High Stress

The estrogen levels get depleted as a result of constant stress. Stress elevates cortisol levels which then lower serotonin levels, making a woman irritable, dissatisfied, and sleepless. Stress can cause hot flashes, night sweats, sleep issues, and mood swings.

4. Increased Weight

Being overweight or obese leads to overproduction of insulin and insulin resistance. When this happens in young women, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can develop. Diabetes, heart disease, and infertility can also result from this.

5. Increasing Age

Aging causes ovaries to produce less estrogen and progesterone. Furthermore, it causes menopause

6. Hysterectomy

Hormones and hysterectomy (removal of ovary) are intimately linked. Many women experience a hormonal imbalance as a result of the treatment. Urinary incontinence or prolonged bleeding are some symptoms that occur due to hysterectomy.

7. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can make women's hormones unbalanced. Hormone therapy, such as radiation, medication therapy, or gland excision, can also produce a hormonal imbalance.


Some More Causes Of Hormonal Imbalance In Females

Hormonal imbalance cause


Insufficient sleep, diabetes, menopause, thyroid diseases, PCOS, birth control medications, environmental factors, and modern lifestyle practices like excessive alcohol drinking and smoking can also lead to hormonal imbalances.

Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalances In Women Include

cause of hormonal imbalances


1. Irregularities in menstruation, heavy or painful periods.

2. Symptoms of pre-post menstruation, such as painful abdominal cramps and tender breasts. 

3. Hot flashes, night sweats, cold flashes, and dryness of the vaginal opening (Menopause or postmenopausal symptoms)

4. White vaginal discharge (leucorrhea)

5. Deepening of the voice.

6. Hair loss or thinning.


Few Ways To Cure Hormonal Imbalance In Females?

The treatment for a hormonal imbalance is determined by the cause of the imbalance. When it comes to hormone imbalance treatment, there are two approaches.

Making lifestyle adjustments such as stopping smoking, limiting alcohol intake, and eating nutrient-rich meals is an indirect method. Acupuncture and aromatherapy are two alternative therapies that can help with hormone imbalance.

Conventional medicine is a direct method to treat a specific ailment or symptom. Treatment choices include hormone replacement therapy (HRT) - the estrogen pill, vaginal estrogen, progesterone hormone therapy, oral contraceptives, and thyroid hormone therapy.

Conventional drugs are effective and can deliver immediate results, but they are more likely to have negative side effects since they contain synthetic ingredients. Nobody wants to deal with the undesirable side effects of the treatment. As a result, finding a natural way becomes critical which is effective and safe.

Hormone imbalances can be naturally handled with herbal supplements. Herbal supplements function holistically, addressing the root cause of the problem while minimizing the risk of undesirable side effects. Results are beneficial in long term.

Give one of these supplements a chance. NETHIKA NATURALS WOMEN'S CARE SUPPLEMENT is scientifically formulated to address the health concerns of women, particularly those related to hormonal imbalance. It contains standardized extracts of Shatavari, Licorice, Ashoka, Aloe vera, Ashwagandha, Guggul, Kapikacchu, and Soy. The product supports the regulation of irregular menstrual cycles and assists women in regaining hormonal equilibrium. During menstruation, it helps relieve cramps, pain, heavy bleeding, nausea, and bloating. It relieves menopausal symptoms like depression, mood swings, hot flashes, and sleep problems. It also helps promote bone health by increasing bone density and reducing bone loss, hence reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

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Excessive stress and thyroid issues are two of the most prominent causes of female hormonal imbalances. Therefore, our Stress Care and Thyroid Care Supplements can also help.


If you only have period troubles, like severe pain or heavy bleeding, our Menstrual Care Supplement can benefit you.


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