How can a woman practice good menstrual hygiene and menstrual care?

All about Menstruation

Menstruation, monthly bleeding for 3 to 7 days, is a natural phenomenon for every woman. The primary cycle typically begins between the ages of 10 and 14. Menstruation indicates that a woman is capable of reproducing.

Menstruation takes place due to the fact: that the lining of the uterus organizes itself for a probable pregnancy by way of turning thicker and richer in blood vessels. If the pregnancy does not occur, the thickened lining is shed, as evidenced by bleeding. Bleeding typically lasts 3-7 days. Menstruation occurs on a fairly regular and predictable monthly basis in most girls. Typically, the time between the first day of the next menstrual cycle is between 21 and 35 days.

This article attempts to convey information about menstrual care and how a woman can practice good menstrual hygiene. We will try to focus on the main points in this article that can aid in gaining a fair understanding of the subject.


Menstruation Hygiene management

Most women go through periods very secretively and do not know if the practices are hygienic. Here are some suggestions to hold hygiene throughout your periods :-

1. Choose the best-suited way of sanitation for yourself (pads, tampons, menstruation cups, etc.)

2. Change it regularly (as damp pads can promote microorganism growth, leading to urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, and skin rashes).

3. Wash frequently (this practice aids in the removal of foul odors and the prevention of infection).

4. Do not use soap to wash the vaginal area (Warm water works well).

5. Discard your used sanitary product well. (it can spread infections and have a foul odor).

6. Beware of pad rash (change the pads regularly and stay dry. Apply antiseptic ointment after the bath to heal the rashes).

7. Use only one sanitation method at a time. (Using two products concurrently increases your risk of infection and rashes.)

8. Have a bath regularly (it keeps you clean, especially in private parts, relieves menstrual cramps and backaches, improves mood, etc.)

9. Be geared up with on-the-go stuff during your periods.


 mensuration hygiene best practices


Menstruation care

Menstrual care promotes menstrual health. Menstrual care will ensure female wellbeing, reproductive wellness, and prevention of certain menstrual condition-related diseases. We can understand the stages of menstrual care by below points:-


 critical factors in menstrual care


You can read our article on - Menstrual Cramps : Effective Tips for Period Pain Relief -

menstrual cramps - tips for getting relief from period pain

A natural manner of dealing with Menstrual issues by way of making lifestyle changes:-

The lifestyles adjustments which can assist in reducing the issues linked with hormonal imbalances during menstruation include:-


The lifestyle adjustments


Via natural dietary supplements for menstrual care -

Below are some of the exceptional herbs which work wonderfully in relieving menstrual troubles:-


One can be relieved by combining the right herbs in the right proportion. We recommend one such scientifically designed product that combines the benefits of the herbs mentioned above in an appropriate ratio to provide a solution to menstruation concerns. Nethika Naturals Menstrual Care supplement is for menstrual issues in women, particularly pain and excessive bleeding. The ingredients are high-quality standardized plant extracts that are 100% herbal with no risk of adverse effects.


Nethika Naturals Menstrual Care supplement 

Nethika naturals menstrual care supplement


Menstruation Advice -

It is prime to eliminate the shame and non-acceptance regarding menstruation and menstrual care. So that women and girls practice menstruation-related self-care without feeling awkwardness, discomfort, or adverse consequences. The limited access to menstrual knowledge and products are the main barriers to menstrual care. This article is a small step toward educating readers about menstruation care.

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menstrual care



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