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Herbal piles care capsules are a safe and effective alternative to expensive surgical procedures and ineffective conventional treatments for piles. This article will discuss Piles and how to get rid of piles naturally using herbs.

Consult a doctor if you notice a hard lump or a hardened anus, bloodstains in their stool, anal infections, or rectal bleeding, and get the affected area checked for piles. 

 A pile condition arises because of the inflammation of veins and tissues in the anal. It is a painful situation that causes pain while sitting and bleeding while passing stool. Piles can result from overexertion, lifting heavy weights, chronic constipation, and straining when passing stool. Any of these factors can put undue strain on the rectal veins, causing them to swell, inflame, and eventually to piles.

Therefore, the factors important in piles management would include proper bowel movement, strong blood vessels/veins, proper digestion, reduced inflammation, and an efficient healing process.

We recommend a natural approach to address these critical factors. People suffering from piles should try herbal remedies because they are effective. The phytonutrients in certain herbs can strengthen blood vessels and capillaries, improves their integrity, prevents bleeding and discomfort, helps in soothing, healing & reducing inflammation, improve digestion, and lowers constipation. More importantly, it is 100% Natural with no risk of side effects.

Considering these facts, Nethika Naturals has developed a supplement containing herbal extracts in concentrations to alleviate your pile's problem. Nethika Naturals Piles Care Supplement is 100% herbal and includes the best quality standardized plant extracts, veg capsules (gelatin-free), and no chemicals (preservatives, colorant's, or additives).

This product is scientifically developed herbal capsules for hemorrhoid's/piles and their associated discomforting issues like itching, bleeding, etc. The product ingredients include plant extract of Gotu Kola, Ginger, Kachnar, Bitter Gourd, Black cumin, Lemon, Haritaki, Onion, Pine, and Mango.


Interestingly, these plants are backed by scientific validation on their effectiveness in hemorrhoid's treatment -

1. Gotu kola has Saponins that help strengthen connective tissues, which get weakened in piles and improve blood flow.

 2. Ginger and Black cumin are anti-inflammatory agents that aid in the reduction of inflammation.

 3. Kachnar can dissolve lumps in any part of the body.

 4. Karela and Haritaki are enormously potent healers. They prevent infection and reduce the burning sensation by regulating blood flow.

 5. Onions effectively relieve pain, burning, and itching, improve venous vessel tone normalize stool consistency, and stimulate blood circulation.

 6. Mango extracts have polyphenols which have good astringent and anti-inflammatory properties preventing bleeding. 

 7. Lemons contain Vitamin C, which aids in nutrient absorption, prevents constipation, and reduces swelling.


 plants based piles treatment


This plant extracts, in the right combination and ratio, strengthen blood vessels and capillaries and their integrity, help in boosting digestion, and fasten the wound healing process. Prevent you from sitting for long in the toilet and avoids straining during bowel movements. Help in soothing, healing, and reducing inflammation of the anal veins and tissues.

There are a few more plants that are beneficial in piles. However, the critical part is determining which plant extract combination and ratio is most suitable based on the amount of phytonutrients present. We recommend Nethika Naturals Piles Care because it has relieved piles problems for many.


benefits of Nethika naturals piles care capsules


Along with the Herbal pile's care capsules, the below-given precautions would help manage your pile's problem to a greater extent.

1. Eating higher fiber foods such as (beans, lentils, chickpeas), water content, and whole grains can help to facilitate and prevent piles.

 2. Avoid processed, fried, spicy, or low-fiber foods such as dairy products, white flour, and red meat can aggravate constipation. Fried foods are hard to digest, and spicy foods can worsen the pain.

 3. Consume plenty of water. It softens the stools. It is one of the best dietary changes for piles.

 4. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages. Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks both dehydrate the body. As a result, aggravate your piles.

 5. Respond to the call of nature. Waiting to pass a bowel movement causes the stool to dry out and become more difficult to pass.

 6. Exercise daily to help prevent constipation, reduce vein pressure, and keep weight under control.

 7. Do not sit on a toilet seat for extended periods to avoid pressuring the anus veins.

 8. Apply an ice pack, which can aid in the reduction of inflammation and pain.


precautions to manage piles


In addition to these precautions, these capsules can help with all piles symptoms. It will be the most effective way for piles treatment.


Nethika Naturals Piles Care Supplement



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Nethika Naturals Piles Care Supplement




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