Today, people are getting increasingly conscious about their health and well-being. Many are trying to avoid chemicals and are opting for natural and herbal alternatives instead. It is observed that chemicals help in boosting your health with faster results whereas herbal supplements/herbal health products provides you long term benefits with no side effects. And in today’s time, there is a possibility of getting the nature’s solution and benefits in no time, with just a click – one such option being Nethika Natural’s herbal dietary supplements that helps in enhancing your health and wellness, hormonal imbalance, prevention from severe diseases and many more.

We would surely say, ‘Don’t underestimate the power of nature!’ You might already know to an extent, but here are a few things which you must know about herbal supplements:

What are Herbal Supplements?

Herbal health supplements are organically created in addition to your diet for improving digestion, immunity, cardiovascular health etc. These products assist your body to protect from chronic diseases. These supplements may be used for therapeutic purposes and using holistic wellness to improve your overall well-being. These 100% natural supplements help to fill the gap of the nutrients unable to reach your body which may be lacking in your daily diet.

Monsoons are here and while a lot of them are enjoying the respite accorded by the rains against the scorching summer heat, let us not forget that monsoon is also a cesspool for diseases that might catch you by surprise if adequate precautions are not taken. Especially during this time, it becomes very essential to keep a reality check with immunity, hair and skin. Monsoon is such a season that affects these three parts of our body the most. But you can leave that pampering to us!

To ensure that our physical being remains fit and healthy, it is essential to build up its line of defence – the immune system. There is absolutely no need to stock up on heavy chemically inclined tablets. Let’s venture down the road of an herbal supplement that can take care of your immune system during all seasons and especially the monsoon.

When you fall sick quite often or your wounds take more than average time to heal; it’s a sign that your immune system is weak. To enhance your body’s defence system against infections, you can go for Nethika Natural’s Immunity Support which is a natural immunity booster. It contains the best quality standardized extracts of Ashwagandha, Giloy, Tulsi, Turmeric, Ginger, Kali Musli, Black Pepper, etc.

During the monsoon, it is said that there is a possibility of hair fall more than usual. However, along with this many other reasons that may lead for hair loss could be unstable lifestyle, food habits and stress. You need to make sure that the sufficient nutrition required for strong and healthy hair is covered in your diet, but sounds like a challenge? You don’t need to panic! The best supplement for hair loss has got you covered with a shield that helps in reducing hair fall and promoting new hair growth. Nethika Natural’s Hair Growth Support, contains the best quality standardized extracts of Bhringraj, Grape seed, Green Tea, Methi, Amla etc. Make it a part of your daily routine and see the magic yourself. Now be rest assured with “No more bad hair days”.

Another problem area lies is in the health of our skin. Along with Voluminous hair we also have to see if our skin is getting the right nutrition too. We all want that flawless squeaky skin no matter whatever our age right? And we have the right to desire the same! But as you age, the nature of the skin changes due to changes in hormonal levels and exposure of skin to the environment. Too much contact with rain water causes skin rashes, itchiness, becomes dry & red or blistered. Another reason may be acne that can be really nerve wracking for teenagers and even adults! But to overcome these rigid little spots on your face,   you need something more substantial. For flawless skin in this monsoon you can choose Nethika Natural’s natural skin care supplement which contains the best quality standardized extracts of Neem, Manjistha, Tulsi, Turmeric, Brahmi, etc. These herbs help to purify and nourish the blood thus rendering a healthy skin.

Our body reacts to the changing weather condition and our lifestyle habits, and this fast paced world may not always help you tick all the requirements from the essential nutrient list. Just like natural herbal solutions available for enhancing your immune system, better hair growth or healthy skin, there are many such natural solutions available easily today that addresses innumerable health issues. Being connected to our roots blesses us with the gift of Mother Nature and enables us to build combined solutions to all type of ailments. Nethika Naturals serves a concoction between science and nature in a bottle! We have designed products that are scientifically backed, effective herbal products (dietary supplements/nutraceutical) that are 100% natural for a wide range of health issues, completely safe to consume and effective. One can be rest assured and experience the impact with Nethika Naturals. In the long run, the herbal supplements will surely be the best source of building a protective shield!  We serve you care on a plate by executing an interesting blend of science with nature.  Remember, the best comes to those who wait!


Anand Bafna

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